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"The gods are either all or none."

Natália Correia



Inês Ventura, Maria Beatriz de Vilhena, Rodrigo Vargas, Francisco Romão Pereira and Mário Cruz presented in the NARRATIVA gallery the result of their photographic practices at World Youth Day, one of the most popular events of the year in Portugal.


Everything, everyone, totally. This is how the title chosen for OMNIS, in which five of NARRATIVA's founding members present different but complementary visions of how photography relates to religion, can be understood, in a free translation from Latin, against the exploratory backdrop of World Youth Day, which took place in Lisbon between August 1 and 6, 2023.


Like the common faith of the millions of believers who flocked to Lisbon for World Youth Day, the five authors share a photographic practice governed by collective codes that, in a stripped-down way, can be analogous to what unites believers around religion. Each individual has a way of relating to it and putting their faith into practice. The same goes for the authorial vision of the photographers represented here: each one recreates a reality that is subject to countless readings. Everything, everyone is able to observe and reflect.

OMNIS also resulted in the first publication of NARRATIVA, which sold out immediately on the day of it's launch.

Sebastião Almeida

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